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Welcome to Sea Moss Co 💚

We are a family run Sea Moss Company in Essex and we pride ourselves on having the best quality Sea Moss Gel in the UK. Nutrition is our passion and we believe it should be yours too.

We make every jar of our Vegan and Organic Sea Moss Gel with love and passion. To add to this, our product is 100% wildcrafted, organic and eco-friendly.

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What is Sea Moss Gel?

You may think that this is a new product. But people in and around the Caribbean have been using it for hundreds of years.  Sometimes known as Irish Sea Moss and Seaweed, it is a sea algae that naturally contains iodine, minerals and protein.

Moreover, there are 102 minerals that make up the human body and 92 of these are found within this plant-based product which is incredible! With regular use over time, you can help to reduce inflammation and mucus build up amongst over things.

From making a sea moss smoothie to using it as a face mask, there are so many ways to benefit from our gel.

You need to refrigerate your Sea Moss Gel to lock in freshness. Additionally, our gel is also good for 3-4 weeks.

All our orders are made fresh so we will ship these 24 hours after you submit your order.

More About Health Benefits

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Benefits of Sea Moss Gel

92 Essential Minerals

With 92 out of 102 essential vitamins and minerals, our Vegan sea moss gel for sale is perfect for building and strengthening our immune systems.

Wild Crafted

One of the key benefits of our product is that it comes from wild crafted sea moss rather than farm grown alternatives.

Liquid Gold

Moreover, we are one of the fastest growing Sea Moss companies thanks to the amazing quality of our product, love and passion.

Improve Nutrition

With 1-2 tablespoons a day, you can level up your gut health and nutrition game and also fight against toxins, mucus, inflammation and more.

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