Wild Crafted Eco Friendly Sea Moss Gel


Nutrition is Our Passion – Let Us Make It Yours!

As a natural multivitamin, Sea Moss is a fantastic way of strengthening and building your immune system. This incredible product contains 92 of 102 of the minerals that our body needs for optimal functioning, making it a true superfood.

It is made using only 3 ingredients – Sea Moss, Organic Fresh Lime and Alkaline Water which passes through 7 layers of filtration. We source our product directly from point of origin, meaning we can assure you of the quality.

Sea Moss gel needs to be kept refrigerated to lock in freshness.

Your sea moss gel is good for 3-4 weeks.

All our orders are made fresh so they will be shipped 24 hours after you submit your order.

Please Note:

Before purchase, please check you are not allergic or intolerant to any forms of seaweeds or any of the ingredients added to any of our blends, thank you.

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There are several benefits to using wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel, including:

  • Antianemic
  • Boosting Your Metabolism
  • Digestive Tract Soothing
  • Easing Joint Pains
  • Enhancing Thyroid Function
  • Fighting Infection
  • Heart Health
  • Help to Control Appetite
  • Increased Nutrition
  • Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Natural Decongestant
  • Supporting Sexual Health and Libido
  • Strengthening the Immune System
  • Reducing Fatigue

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